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Causes, diagnosis and treatment of oral malodor. 2nd Edition

Author: Sean S. Lee D.D.S.

This book presents, even though brief, an accumulation of knowledge in oral malodor from over the last 30 years. It took the author over four years to culminate the most information on the subject from its fundamental concepts to its latest practical knowledge in the field.

The material presents the causes of the disease, oral malodor, various diagnostic methods and the essentials of the treatment process. This is an ideal resource for dentists, hygienists, medical and other health practitioners, and researchers alike. This is a practical guide which will satisfy the needs of clinicians in their daily management of patients.

This book is a rare and vital ready reference on the topic.

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Key Features

  • Comprehensive information on causes, diagnosis and the treatment of the oral malodor
  • Over 50 useful figures, tables, and clinical photographs that facilitate readers
  • Readily retrievable clinical forms
  • Chapter on herbal usages
  • Chapter on future directions and research perspectives
  • Appendices containing a decision-making flow chart and tongue coating indexes practice sheet

Sean S. Lee's early memories bring him back to Korea, where he recalls growing up playing in the winds of the countryside. Each morning, he would walk at least one hour to attend primary school. His mother encouraged and inspired him to advance his education which eventually brought him to California.

After receiving his Doctorate degree in Dental Surgery, at the University of California, Los Angeles, he has completed numerous research projects, thus far. An Avid researcher, he has most recently focused his interest in the areas of oral malodor and tooth whitening. He has pursued numerous research projects resulting in more than 100 publications including abstracts in the journal. Directing seminars and authoring articles have been significantly rewarding to him and his profession. As an avid educator, he maintains a full time faculty appointment. He expresses enthusiasm and excitement in sharing his expertise with students. His aspiration is to instill professional growth and pursuit of knowledge in them.

Presently, he is a professor at a School of Dentistry in California. Consistency, diligence and integrity define his character. The traits readily acknowledged and appreciated by friends and coworkers alike. He resides in the area with his family. He has come full circle in his life. His weekends are spent on his ranch in the countryside. He often drives his farm tractor, looking up at the blue skies, appreciating the gentle breeze as he contemplates his playful childhood memories.


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