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A Wealth of Valuable Information Include:

How to improve a dental practice

Why to adhere to fundamental principles

How to build momentum toward a goal


Reviewer Note

“As an educator and nondental professional, it was amazingly insightful to have had the opportunity to be privy to the wealth of essential information that Dr. Sean Lee, DDS, has shared in MOD.

Its application can go beyond the field of dentistry and has been instrumental in acting as a catalyst in my own professional endeavors.

I have known Dr. Lee for over 10 years. This book is an invaluable culmination of his experiences, priceless insights, and sound advice gained over the years in private practice. Over these 10 years, I can say without reservation, not once have I seen Dr. Lee settle for mediocrity. His strive for excellence and suggestions on how to obtain this excellence are illustrated repeatedly throughout these pages.  He demonstrates ceaseless energy and an uncompromising ability to focus this energy toward unrelenting excellence.

As one reads through these pages, one is inspired by Dr. Lee’s drive, high level of integrity, and professionalism sparked by his motivation and compassion to serve, to do the right thing for his patients.  His is an unwavering patient-centered perspective. He puts human relationship at the core of his perspective from which he pivots as a dentist, employer, and businessman. He acknowledges the need for optimal balance while wearing these 3 hats. Sound advice, insights, and concrete illustrations are delineated throughout these pages in order to obtain this optimal balance.

Every word is included to drive the reader forward, set goals, and put forth the effort to achieve these goals. He challenges the reader to take what he has learned through hard-core and direct experience, and use it as leverage to success. No guesswork involved.”

Ann-Marie Stauble, PhD




Read About the Author: Sean S. Lee, D.D.S.




Brief Professional Biography

After receiving his DDS degree from the UCLA School of Dentistry, as an avid researcher, he has completed numerous research projects resulting in nearly 100 publications including abstracts in the dental literature. An avid educator, he is a faculty member in a school of dentistry.  Sharing, with no redecoration, his experiences and issues that have arisen during his practicing dentistry is what he considers perhaps the most appreciated by the dental profession and the public. Dependability, diligence and integrity define his traits readily acknowledged by friends and coworkers alike. Currently, he is a full time professor, a part time practicing dentist.





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