Monday January 22 , 2018

OneFocus Features

OneFocus is a simple to use, dental management software application, which can be configured to the needs of any type of dental practice.

OneFocus offers incredible flexibility, extreme usability and full user control. OneFocus is designed to guide the user through each process. All patient information such as digital images, electronic charting and electronic documents are available in one click!

A powerful dental management software solution that’s intelligent and fully loaded.

  • Brings the power of online casino the Internet to state-of-the-art image management.
  • Delivers a complete solution - film, paper, and digital images.
  • Revolutionizes the cost of image management.
  • Capture digital X-rays with just one click
  • Immediately see your X-ray on screen - Anywhere, Anytime
  • Send your images to any printer
  • Save locally or to the cloud server